What is Red Ant Creative

We are a creative agency with over 15 year experience in the design and advertising industry. Our experience in a wide variety of industries, brands and clients gives us a unique and broad insight into creating solutions for our clients. Our services include strategic creative solutions for: Branding/Logos & Stationery Packages, Product Packaging, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising & Signage, Interior Merchandising, Print Collateral Design, App User Interface Design, Web & Interactive, Video Concept & Production, Copy Writing and more.

The foundation of Red Ant Creative is the idea that in order to build a successful relationship with consumers, you must first appeal to their emotional side – engaging them fully. Our process from initial immersion and learning phase through execution and implementation of creative ideas and sound strategies, is designed to create an emotional connection to your brand. Ultimately we will connect with consumers on a deeper level where brands can develop longevity and true brand and product loyalty.

At the core, we believe that a consumer’s heart leads and their head will follow.

We believe that effective consumer communications are grounded with sound research, allowing us to understand the target audience from all angles. Getting into the mind of the consumer, and understanding what would make that visceral connection. This insight gives a strong platform for brand positioning and direction of creative strategy. Constantly monitoring industry and category trends allows us to execute and be proactive in brand strategies.

We believe that our passion is contagious, finding it’s way into every part of a project. We all get our hands dirty. Client partnership is critical. As a client you'll be brought into the process at multiple points to discuss, critique and evaluate where we are going.

Red Ant Creative aims to change market perceptions with smart, engaging creative, that results in stunning work and successful brands.

Successful Results Come
From a Sound Process

Red Ant Creative approaches projects from two points of view. The team implements a logical and strategical initiative as well as an experimental exploration. Assuring that the solutions we provide not only meet the project objectives, engage the consumers hearts and minds but also culminate in a unique and stunning brand executions. Whether it’s print advertising, packaging or online initiatives the process we implement is consistent – and so are our results.